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  • If you are in the market for sunscreen look no further! Thank you to Lisa C for her homemade sunscreen! I have a sunscreen allergy which prevents me from using most store bought sunscreens. I had used one from a previous year that I knew was safe and unfortunately it caused a break out. It’s so frustrating and a friend saw her post she made and sent it to me. I reached out to Lisa whom let me know what ingredients she used and allowed me a sample to make sure I didn’t have a reaction! Not only did I not have an allergy reaction to the ingredients but I also didn’t have a reaction after use in the sun! Plus it smells amazing and is sooooo affordable! She definitely has my business for life! (Hopefully)

    Laura R

  • I want to acknowledge that my girl Lisa HAS DONE IT, yet again. She’s created sunblock in the past as I was concerned about chemicals. But NOW WITH THIS —THE Boobie Butter —I wanted something that was nursing safe and could be used on the baby too. Lisa took all that into consideration and created the Boobie Butter using raw natural oils and butters. Nothing but the good stuff.I’m not only using it on my breast but also on my baby’s skin. A matter a fact, she’s not even a week old yet and it’s THE ONLY additional thing that’s been put on her skin outside of a buttwipe. After she was born I used the Boobie Butter to assist in getting the vernix rubbed into her skin during our golden hour together. So special. Everyone who has seen her compliments her complexion and skin. I watched it work like magic after she was born on the small milia (pimple like bumps) and the dryer little patches on her skin and folds. Like an eraser. She has the most beautiful glow and soft skin from this natural product that Lisa has made from her heart of gold.I’m also using the product on my breast to keep my areolas and nipples hydrated and supple. It has prevented cracking and helped soothe soreness from having a baby latched nearly constantly. Can’t say thank you enough to Lisa for taking the time to consider my needs and concerns to make the most perfect and safe product. New mommies YOU GOTTA HAVE THIS!

    April F

  • Oh my God thank you so much. It is amazing. It is fantastic,my shoulders, knees and everything else that was hurting feels so much better when i use the CBD Body Butter and it feels like instant relief. Everyone should be checking this product out!

    Lori C

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