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Bath products and Eczema, do they help or hurt?

We all want those amazing smelling bath products that help us enjoy that relaxing time, right? We also want to make sure that it is also beneficial to and not harsh to our skin, right? Well we are happy to state that all the products we make are good for the skin and even help with already rough skin.

With having two children that have suffered and one that still suffers with Eczema (occasionally) it is very important that the products we make help with the red, itchy, dry and even bumpy skin that he tends to get. The oils in the bath bombs keep the skin nicely hydrated and silky smooth after a bath. The crumble also does the same while adding the fizzy factor. The salts are a great way to soak and as well get that irritated skin to calm down. The soaps are so mild on the skin that they leave you feeling refreshed but without a remaining film like many other soaps do.

With the products that we make we even have added oatmeal to some of the blends which is a great way to relax the irritated skin. We are all for those exfoliants that will help with the skin and also just make your bath experience that much more enjoyable. Grab one of these amazing products and enjoy a bath that will not only be relaxing but make your skin feel amazing, they are sure to be amazing!!!