What are all these products?

What are all these products?

Bath Bombs - Amazing sphere shaped product that has Coconut Oil in them. A bath bomb adds emollients and softeners to your bath's water that moisturize and indulge your skin. Your skin will feel nice and refreshed also with a subtle scent from the bath bomb lingering. Calm Your Mind and Uplift the Mood, enjoy a nice relaxing bath with one of these amazing Bath Bombs. Just place the bath bomb in the water as it is filling up or even after the bath is full.

Bath Crumble - This amazing product is just that crumbled pieces of bath bombs. If a Bath Bomb is to much for you this will work great, as you can sprinkle a little or a lot of the product in the bath with you and as well get the emollients and softeners that will moisturize your skin the same. Enjoy a calm and uplifting bath in the form of crumble you wont be disappointed. Sprinkle the desired amount into the bath while the water is filling or after the bath is full.

Bath Salts - Bath salts, are made from magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) and easily dissolve in warm bath water and used for everything from stress relief to aches and pains. The scent that comes with them also can add to the relief. The best way to use these is soaking for at least 15 minutes with them in your bath with you. Enjoy the ability to improve the skin barrier function, hydrate the skin, and decrease inflammation while simply relaxing in the bath.

Shower Steamers - Not a bath person??? That is okay these amazing shower steamers can do the trick. Shower steamers allow quick yet luxurious delivery of the benefits of aromatherapy and are a great way to fit essential oils into your busy schedule. The oils are diffused within the shower, so it is best to have an enclosed shower that can hold the benefits in. Enjoy placing them under the running shower water to activate then placing on the rim of the shower to continue working.

Cold Processed Soap - So much can be said about these soaps, such as cold process soap making method creates gentle soaps that cured over 4 to 6 weeks produces a long-lasting bar with ultimate moisturization. This soap is perfect for those with sensitive skin due to the processing of this soap.You will notice how the smell is very fragrant, the colors are vibrant, the soap has great ability to lather nicely and they are as well made with natural ingredients and by hand. Enjoy in the bath or shower
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